A villa project exhibiting the owner’s uniqueness comes from the mutual understanding between the client and the creator, as well as the relationship between different departments of the project execution. And at 3A Signature, we constantly engage with a professional procedure to provide customers with the greatest living environment possible.

Stage 1: Communicating and acknowledging clients’ wishes and requirements. We conduct real-time measurements and detailed surveys directly at the construction site with the 3A Signature team’s full participation, including the design and construction departments. Additionally, we make use of advanced equipment such as Flycams to provide a thorough assessment of landscape, location, area,…

Stage 2: Signing the design contract. 3A Signature Architects begins to work on the 3D design , models, and documents to deliver to clients. With advanced VR technology, clients can examine and give detailed feedback on the 3D design online.

Stage 3: Consultation on specific construction materials suited for design aesthetics. Only after receiving the customer’s approval will the construction contract proposal be presented and negotiated. 3A Signature only selects authentic, high-quality products that are within the scope of our clients’ budgets.

Stage 4: Implementing the construction work. Throughout the construction process, different departments will supervise and cross-check one another, so that 3A can guarantee that the project will be completed as scheduled and in accordance with the original concept. The rough and finishing parts are two separate divisions, which are professionally accountable for ensuring the greatest level of quality. Simultaneously, VR real-time technology allows clients to track the building activity online 24/7.

Stage 5: Handover and official acceptance, with a 5-year structure warranty and a 1-year warranty for the finishing part. The 3A Signature team is always ready to help customers whenever they need.

3A Signature understands that the wonderful influence that each project has on the audience’s emotions comes from the collaborative work between the owner and the design and construction department. Let our team – 3A Signature – create an exquisitely peaceful resort that proudly bears your very own impression and personality.

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