Tropical modern villa architecture – The unique impression in Vietnamese urban area

Tropical modern villa architecture – The unique impression in Vietnamese urban area

Tropical modern villa architecture is a combination of tropical style, modern architectural lines and impressive natural landscape, creating a harmonious and relaxing living space. Therefore, tropical style villas are becoming the leading trend in residential architectural design and construction in Vietnamese urban areas.

Tropical modern – The modern architecture with a tropical breath for high-class buildings

Tropical Modern style first appeared in the 1960s, then proceeded to develop on the basis of inheritance, accumulating and changing to adapt to the architectural characteristics and climatic conditions specific to each region. Through the discovery and combination of materials, environment, culture, etc., tropical architecture is considered a rich source of inspiration for architects and becoming the leading style chosen by many homeowners.

Architects are constantly transforming to optimize this architectural style in terms of architectural visualization, functionality, aesthetic efficiency, etc. Despite many changes, the core of tropical modern architecture remains within its locality and harmony with nature, offering valuable aesthetic visions and raising the standards so that homeowners can relax in their own home without having to travel anywhere else.

Kiến trúc biệt thự nhiệt đới

Tropical architecture has become the leading choice of many modern villa projects

The impressions of tropical villa architecture in Vietnamese urban areas

Although being in the same tropical climate range, every Southeast Asian country has distinct climate characteristics, giving the tropical architecture in each region very unique attributes. In Vietnam, architects have modified and developed this style to accustom to our people, culture, customs and especially the country’s climate.

Reducing the negative effects of urban life

For villa projects, tropical modern architecture is considered the ideal solution to minimize the negative effects of urban life such as heat and air pollution. At the same time, this architectural style also delivers a peaceful, relaxing living space as well as positive energy to all family members.

Each tropical villa architectural design is a combination of definitive straight lines and defined rectangular blocks, creating a modern building, perfectly in harmony with the surrounding landscape but still maintains its luxurious and outstanding characteristics. In particular, materials from nature like stone are used effectively in preventing the walls from allowing heat into the house.

Kiến trúc biệt thự nhiệt đới

The villa architecture introduces a breath of fresh air from the tropical land

The long and wide eaves protruding outside not only contributes to reducing the amount of direct light entering the house, but also minimizes the impact of rainwater on the entire building. Large glass doors are installed instead of traditional brick walls, creating a connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, making the house spacious and airy.  By taking advantage of sunlight, the wide glass doors, combined with typical tropical materials such as wood, bamboo, stone bricks, etc., can act as a lasting natural air-conditioner that operates continuously.

Kiến trúc biệt thự nhiệt đới

The use of large glass doors to make the villa space more spacious and airy

Particularly, the open space design coupled with high ceilings is the element that differentiates tropical villa architecture from other architectural styles. Not only do high ceilings create a spacious effect, they also help with ventilation and introducing natural light into each space of the house.

In harmony with nature

Tropical modern architecture meets the demand for green space and the trend of integrating nature into living space. It is easy to find lawns, miniature landscapes, aquariums, etc, in modern villa designs, all to create a green space for the house. However, with tropical villas, the element of trees and flowers is not only a highlight but also a principal factor in defining the characteristics of this architectural style.

Kiến trúc biệt thự nhiệt đới

Trees are the main elements that define the characteristics of tropical style villa architecture

In each tropical villa architectural design, the architect creates a harmonious and balanced visualization with an array of green trees, colorful flowers, or the flowing clear water, so that it resembles the tropical forest scenery. In particular, typical tropical plants such as ornamental palms, ornamental coconut trees, Fiddle-leaf fig, and cacti are cleverly integrated into the house premises, providing a fresh atmosphere and clearly depicting a tropical lifestyle.

The combination of modern design lines and architecture fitting regional characteristics and creating a close relationship with nature has created impressive tropical villas, a perfect and safe home that everyone dreams of.

Kiến trúc biệt thự nhiệt đới

The villa is designed to be close to nature, providing the owner with relaxation and peace

With 3A Signature, each tropical style villa is a living soul full of energy. Our projects are all inspired by lightness and peace, creating a connection between people and nature, appreciating the beauty of peace presented in each living space.

If you wish to create a design of tropical modern villa architecture, please contact 3A Signature for better support and consultation. As the leading unit of Tropical Modern style villa design and construction in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, 3A Signature strives to create projects that are based on the unique mindset of each customer, along with excellent service quality to deliver high-class villa projects with a strong personal impression.

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