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Consultation and measuring process

Step 1: Obtain and discuss the customer’s demands and requirements. Working with the customer to determine the construction scale, usability, and provide preliminary advice on the premises, layout, …

Step 2: Conduct construction site measurement and survey with every responsible department from 3A Signature, such as the design and construction departments, etc. We utilize modern equipment including drones to provide the most comprehensive assessment of the terrain, location, area, etc.

Step 3: Sign a design contract after reaching an agreement on concepts from the 2D blueprints.


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Design and construction process

Step 1: 3A Signature Architects produce 3D blueprints, models and design documents to send to the customer. With advanced VR technology, customers can thoroughly review, comment and edit the 3D blueprints online.

Step 2: Material consultation and selection fitting with the design aesthetics. Provide a price quote and sign the construction contract after finalizing the mutual agreement. 3A Signature prioritizes authentic, quality brands that fit the customers’ budget.

Step 3: Beginning of the construction stages. During construction, 3A ensures timeliness and accuracy of the original design with cross-departmental supervision. Rough and finishing construction are under the management of two separate departments which are accountable for the best quality of the project. Additionally, VR real-time technology assists the customers in 24/7 construction online monitoring.

Step 4: Handover and acceptance with a 5-year warranty policy for the structure and 1-year for the finishing part. Any arising issue will be immediately handled by the 3A Signature team.