5 outstanding features in the designs of Tropical architectural style villas

5 outstanding features in the designs of Tropical architectural style villas

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, we always want to seek a private and quiet living space that is close to nature. Therefore, a modern architectural style combined with nature, creating a sense of relaxation and peace is what many homeowners are aiming for. This is also the reason why the tropical architectural style (or Tropical Modern) in villa design is highly regarded and chosen by a majority of homeowners.

Tropical Modern architectural style is inspired by the liberal, free and natural beauty of the tropical land, thereby giving homeowners the feeling of living on a paradise island. Compared with other architectural styles of villas, the tropical style possesses many distinct features. Let’s explore these features with 3A Signature in the article below.

Open space layout – A feature of tropical architectural style

The open space layout is the most prominent feature in any Tropical architectural style villa. For this design, walls, partitions and columns are minimized to reduce unnecessary fixed division, creating a sense of connection and spaciousness for the building. Instead, it is a system of glass walls and large tempered glass doors, connecting family members with the outdoor scenery through the glass.

In particular, open space layout also introduces more sunlight into indoor space. Since most partitions are reduced by half in height or completely eliminated, light can pass from one functional area to another. As a result, not only the living room, bedroom but also the extra areas in the house are filled with natural light.

Phong cách kiến trúc nhiệt đới

Open space design is a signature of tropical style villas

Colors with bold tropical accents

Color is a major influencing factor in tropical architectural styles. Depending on the region, the main color of this architectural style may vary.

If the Tropical architectural style of Latin America is somewhat vibrant and bold, it is shown through prominent and bright colors such as yellow, coral blue, and bordeaux red. In Southeast Asian countries, especially in Vietnam, the focus is on bright colors, overall enhancing the house with relaxing, cooling, and pleasant sensations.

Some typical colors that can be seen in tropical architectural style villas in Vietnam are:

  • The white, beige and light brown colors represent the coast.
  • Yellow represents the sun.
  • Green for grass and tropical forest.
  • Dark blue of the sky and ocean.

Phong cách kiến trúc nhiệt đới

Bright colors are preferred in tropical villas

The perfect combination of glass and wood

Glass and wood are two indispensable materials in Tropical Modern architectural style villas.

Instead of using walls for the villa front, glass walls and tempered glass doors are prioritized to create a connection between the interior and exterior spaces of the building. Combined with the main glass wall system is the wooden slat system, which not only helps to reduce solar heat and limit noises from the outside, but also increases the aesthetics of the space.

For the interior space, the villa prioritizes the use of wooden items to highlight tropical architectural characteristics. Furthermore, the wood material combined with typical  tropical colors also creates a sense of warmth for the home of the family.

Phong cách kiến trúc nhiệt đới

Wood and glass are two typical materials of tropical architectural style villas

Filled with the color of green trees

A building that lacks green elements loses the inherent characteristics of a tropical villa. Trees in tropical architecture play the essential role in depicting a true, definite tropical living space.

The villa’s space is cleverly arranged with broad-leaved, luxuriant trees that are typical of the tropics, such as ornamental palm, ornamental banana, ornamental coconut, cactus, Indian-almond, to provide family members with the enjoyment of fresh air and thermal comfort in a tropical climate.

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Phong cách kiến trúc nhiệt đới

Ornamental plants are typical natural elements of the Tropical architecture

Harmonious natural light and wind

Apart from the features in design layout, colors, materials, trees, light is also an important factor in creating a tropical architectural style villa. Tropical lands are famous for their cool and sunny climates. Therefore, the villa space needs to obtain enough natural light and fresh air to accurately convey this architectural spirit.

This requires the villa to be designed with plenty of large windows, balconies and gardens, all in an open space layout. Only in this way can we maximize the amount of sunlight and wind so that the indoor space is always well-ventilated and well-lit.

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Phong cách kiến trúc nhiệt đới

The tropical villa space is filled with natural light and wind

3A Signature is proud to be the leading design and construction unit of Tropical architectural style villas in Vietnam. We understand that each project represents the personal impression of each homeowner. Therefore, 3A Signature’s team always listens to the needs and preferences of our customers, giving appropriate advice to deliver high-class villas, superior in quality while creating a living space that offers peace and comfort to each family member.

If you are planning to design a villa with tropical architecture, please contact 3A Signature for better support and consultation.

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